Geoff’s Story

Geoff’s Story

I am very proud of what this company has achieved in the seven years since I took the plunge into self-employment. I would like to take this opportunity to briefly share our story.

I fell in love with building projects and landscaping work while employed by another local business.  When they made their staff redundant and changed direction, my wife Sheree and I   saw an opportunity to do business in a way that suited us – with a sense of humour, a desire to please and a passion to create high end landscaping.

Sherlock Landscaping had very humble beginnings.  A good friend gave me an old yet very reliable lawnmower and an equally old but very unreliable chainsaw. I scrounged tools from the recycling centre and put myself out there knocking on doors and doing building and landscaping work for the people I knew.
Things went well and after 18 months of hard work and a whole lot of learning I was able to employ a good friend of mine, and we took on Nelson together.  By this stage there were a few more tools around and I remember vividly the day we went to Placemakers in Stoke and purchased our first serious tool – a dewalt drop saw for $1300 (which we still use  today!)

If someone had told me that by 2014 I would have a business partner, 13 staff, a fleet of vehicles, more or less every tool on the market and a work portfolio including just about everything you could imagine, I’m not sure I would have believed you! But that, I am proud to say, is exactly what we have achieved.
Building this business has been a fantastic and exciting experience that has pushed and pulled me in ways you couldn’t imagine – highs and lows, good times and bad, but I still feel the same excitement about our work projects that  I had 7 years ago.

But some things have changed – for the better, as we’ve grown in numbers, scope, experience and professionalism. The ethos with our team is to only employ those who share in our values and our vision.  Working with me are a wonderful group of guys whose enthusiasm and dedication has seen us make huge progress as we’ve become a fully fledged landscaping business with a brand that our clients can trust.
So now we are looking forward to the next phase of our business growth. Please do check out our new website, facebook page and keep an eye on our blog for regular landscaping tips and tricks.

Welcome to Sherlock Landscaping and the business we have created to help you realise your garden dreams.

Author by Sheree