Landscape Construction

Sherlock Landscaping - Landscape Construction

Landscape Construction

Sherlock Landscaping has a landscape construction team of qualified, experienced builders and landscapers.  Our landscape construction team will take care of all building and excavation work required to bring your landscape design to life.

Decks and pergolas
> For outdoor living and shade

Paths and patios
> Garden access
> Steps and stairs
> Accessibility
> Non slip
> Add structure and connect spaces

Pools and ponds
> Water features add a calm element
> Aquatic plants can be a lovely contrast
> Swimming pools for recreational purposes

Retaining walls and fences|
> Protect against slippage
> Create terraces

Garden beds and planter boxes
> Allow for ease of maintenance
> Give form and structure to garden beds

 Rock walls, stonework, timber structures
> Give the garden shape
> Create contrast, texture and visual interest

Drainage and runoff management
> Hard surfaces create run off
> Correct drainage is vital to ensure rain events don’t cause problems

Talk to Geoff about a free consultation
to figure out exactly what you’re looking for and how we can work to your budget. And once the landscaping is done, we’ll be there to look after it for you with our lawn mowing, property and garden maintenance services.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]