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Landscape Design

Geoff Sherlock is the man behind the Sherlock Landscaping garden and landscape design service. Geoff is a talented designer with an eye for contour and an extensive knowledge of plants and outdoor materials. He works closely with his clients to design outdoor spaces that are functional as well as beautiful – and come in within budget. Geoff’s landscape design services are available for residential, commercial and rural projects.

Site visit: The landscape design process starts with a site visit and a discussion with the client to talk about garden design ideas
> Design style is driven by the client’s needs and wants
> Geoff is excellent at visualising what works, and what doesn’t work

Concept design drawn up: Geoff’s landscape concepts are hand drawn with pencil and sheets of transparencies that allow you to see the vision he has in his mind’s eye.

Talk to Geoff about a free consultation to figure out exactly what you’re looking for and how we can work to your budget. And once the landscaping is done, we’ll be there to look after it for you with our lawn mowing, property and garden maintenance services.