Spring has sprung

Spring has sprung

Hints and tips for Springtime

As the ground begins to warm up you’ll see plants becoming active again after the dormant winter months.  I always find it exciting, watching the tips of fruit trees plump up and buds begin to swell – its a sure sign that sap is flowing again and summer time is on the way.

In springtime I recommend focusing on the following activities:

  • Re-seed any patches in the lawn that are bare – scratch them up to loosen the soil
    and dress with a skim of
  • Screened soil.  Great to get this underway before the heat of summer robs the soil of its moisture.
  • Fertilise your lawn as the new growth phase will be demanding of nutrients – lawns can often look a bit yellow pre-spring which is a sure sign of needing feeding.
  • Protect young seedlings in the vege garden and borders with slug pellets – they start their rampage about now and can devastate new plants.
  • A light prune of shrubs is a good idea before the spring growth hits.

Author by Sheree